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Welcome to InSouth Magazine!

InSouth Magazine was launched in November 2015 to attract the attention of Latinos living in South Carolina through a publication that informs, entertains, and dignifies them.


Our Latin culture has been an important part in the growth of the country both nationally and in each region in which we live. InSouth Magazine was created as a printed and digital media that represents our culture, our talents, and at the same time visually recognizes the value that we as a community have brought to the South Carolina area.


That's why InSouth Magazine offers on each cover a powerful visual impact with bright colors and attractive photos highlighting our Latin people, families, and businesses, reflecting their daily activities and achievements. In addition to content of interest that we enjoy, we inform ourselves of what is happening both locally and nationally.


InSouth Magazine also allows us to connect Anglo-Saxon, Afro-American  and Latin cultures in our print magazine, with content in English and Spanish. Understanding the importance of integration helps to us to be respectful of our roots to this land that has its own culture and values.


Enjoy our website as well as our printed magazine with all the relevant information for Latinos in the area and remember that you are also InSouth Magazine.




Ghisela Eljach

Founder & Editor in Chief

Ghisela Insouth
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