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Why to Publish with Us?

The Latino community is a rapidly growing community. The last decade has increased a 59% making us be the largest growing minority.

As we can all see many businesses now has the bilingual staff option as well as information in English and Spanish to be able to reach the Latino market.

Also, talking about Latino as a client, we are easy to please and handle and also we pay cash most of the time. That’s why we have became an interesting market to reach.

Now, let’s talk about what make us different from others….

We know how to reach the Latin market. They know us and consider us a reliable resource for all things in the area.. The founder as well as many of the team members are immigrants, who understand what takes to move to a new country, therefore, the communication is important, the message is important, the visuals are important and we know how to combine all to cause a call to action to this particular market. There are few options in the area, and we are the only one that offers both versions, digital and print with the widest reach, helping clients to reach our Latino community!

Diseño sin título.png
Diseño sin título.png

Circulation and distribution

InSouth Magazine, the Digital Publication is that offers daily content of interest under the categories mentioned above, with over 225k visitors on 2021 and so far with over 400k visitors on 2022.

The articles  are in Spanish with the option to be translated to English.

We also offered a bi-montly printed publication with articles in English and Spanish to reach a bilingual Latino market in the area. We cover the same categories that our website does, focusing on local topics. It is a complementary publication that reaches over 25K readers per year.

Over all, InSouth Magazine is a Digital and Printed Publication that offers  to our clients a Local, Regional and National presence.

During the pandemic  and the quarentine in 2020, inSouth Magazine decided to increase visibility on the digital area, therefore was re-launched  September 2020, offering daily content of interest to our Latin community. Before we turn two years of re-launching the web, had:

  • 400+ thousand visits

  • 152+ thousand new users

  • Presence in more than 10 states nationwide

  • Duration time: + 3 minutes

Our website has a broad and engaged audience in all states with a Latino presence. Achieving not only positioning within South Carolina but in all corners where the Latino community resides in the US.

Social Media and Email Blast data:

  • Facebook page over 6.3k followers

  • Instagram account over 5.1k

  • Twitter & Youtube + 1.2k followers

  • Subscribers to our email blast 1.2k emails

Revistas en varias partes de Greenville

FIND US in the Upstate

GVL, Taylors, Greer, Mauldin, Simpsonville, Berea, Travelers Rest, Easley.

We distributed over 200 places in the area and supply every week or every two weeks as needed each edition.  Below we name some of the places where we can be found.

  1. Publix

  2. CVS

  3. Chamber of Commerce

  4. Ingles

  5. YMCA’s

  6. Mundo Travel

  7. Greenville Dental

  8. La Esperanza- Bakery and store

  9. Los Chavez- Store

  10. La Pereira- Colombian Bakery

  11. La Superior-Store

  12. La Unica Super Store- Taylors and Berea

  13. State Farm- Mahler Nunez

  14. Nationwide-Atkins and Associates

  15. Barnes and Noble- Haywood Rd

  16. Hairstylistics Salon

  17. El Carriel- Colombian Restaurant

  18. Las Delicias-Colombian Restaurant

  19. Accountants 4 U

  20. Frontier Insurance

  21. Los Arcos- Store

  22. Corte Tropical- Beauty Salon

  23. AC Multi-Services

  24. The Sheriff Burger

  25. Tropical Grille-Cuban Restaurant

  26. Latin Style- Greer

  27. Anytime Fitness

  28. Seabrokers Insurance


***Among others Hispanic Businesses in the area as well as DR’s offices, Bookstores & Coffee Shops

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