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Do you want to reach more individuals and position your product or service within the Latino market in Greenville and the Upstate?

with us

We keep Latinos informed about outstanding topics of interest to everyone in South Carolina, US✨
The Magazine of Latinos in the Upstate!

Why publish with us?

The Latino community is growing. The last decade has increased by 59% making us the fastest growing minority, based on the last census.


In the recent survey conducted by LatinoLYTICS our “Latino Readers” segment shows that the 10,600 Latino readers spend an average of 155,821 hours reading per week. The survey also found that inSouth Magazine has a reach of over 96,000 bilingual readers, for economic reasons, the size of the household has grown, so more people read a copy of each issue.


Our audience is part of the 12 million Latino readers in the United States which is 28% of the adult Latino population. That is a considerable size to reach, but it’s possible with us.

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Now, let's talk about what makes us different from others….

Circulation and distribution

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inSouth Magazine is a comprehensive communication medium that has a bimonthly print publication and a digital platform ( that offers daily content in categories of interest to the Latino market.


We are a powerful printed and digital tool for businesses giving them greater visibility in the Greenville Latino market reaching Taylors, Greer, Mauldin, Simpsonville, Berea, Travelers Rest, and Easley.


We are in the center of media consumption! Our reader spends an average of 56.8 hours in the environments in which we’re present. 


Social Media 48.6% Reading 61.8% Source: research by latinolytics & western publication research, Inc. 2022

In recent years, we have reached more than 500k visitors on our website. The articles are in Spanish with the option to be translated into English.


We created the print publication with content in English and Spanish to reach a bilingual Latino market in the area. We cover the same categories as our website, focusing on local issues. It is a companion publication that reaches more than 96K readers a year.


inSouth Magazine is a communication medium that offers you a Local, Regional and National presence.

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Our Clients

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Profile and Audience

We are a communication medium aimed at the Latino community. Our readers comprise 76% women who are part of married families with children. We get directly to the heart of the family nucleus, thus increasing the purchasing power for your brand.


The average ages of our readers range from 25 to 49 years old, representing 78% of our entire community. We connect with many generations!


In addition, our readers have an economic capacity of $50,000 to $75,000 annually which shows their potential and purchasing power.

Did you know that 81% of Latinos in the US use news platforms on digital devices? Source: Pew Research Center 2022.

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Content Quality

We consider the tastes and interests of our readers to meet their needs and constantly grow our audience.


Based on our B2C research, the categories we cover are: Business, Education, Entertainment, Health, Wellness, Gastronomy, Beauty, Lifestyle and Events.


We differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering various platforms to promote and position your business in the mind of the Latino consumer while differentiating ourselves by offering quality, bilingual content. We know how to reach the Latino market!

We widely distributed our editions in the Latino community of Greenville and the Upstate.


Now, you and your company can also be part of our next editions and position yourself in the Latino market of Greenville, South Carolina. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to reach thousands of people with your business.

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Don't miss the opportunity to increase your reach.

Advertising is a fundamental part of your business and you must be present in the Latino market of Greenville and the Upstate. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals!

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