Described as “Netflix meets YouTube of the Plastic Surgery industry,” The Plastic Surgery Network (PSN) has been featured in AllureForbes, and Refinery29. It’s the first ever Plastic Surgery app on Apple TV which many analysts predict is the future of television.

PSN is a TvOS app that is exclusively on Apple television as it provides plastic and reconstructive surgery content via streaming video. You’re able to surf the app via the “Virtual Body” which allows you click a body part and view videos directly from providers.

Also, you can access the website and ask providers questions and view their video responses on either the APPLE TV app or via the web. The first ever of its kind. The response has been strong with over 100 providers signing up during the beta launch, in the first 30 days alone, and it was one of the top trending apps on the APPLE TV in the Health & Fitness section.

To learn more about The Plastic Surgery Network, go to:


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