Join us for the Quinceaneras & Bridal EXPO 2018 and promote your business!

About the Quinceañeras & Bridal Expo:
• Face-to-face marketing, branding, and sampling opportunities with 300+ attendees
• Interact with young Latinas and Brides in the early planning stages of their special day
• 20+ exhibitors per event
• Great Exposure!! Each Expo is advertised extensively in print, internet, and direct mail campaigns. We’ll bring the brides to you!
• Solid return on investment! Between one and three bookings made during the Expo can reimburse your for your booth fee which makes additional bookings more valuable
• Exceptional business-to-business networking opportunities at each show which leads to lucrative referral business

Latino Families are ready to buy!
This growing consumer group is loyal and ready to have you join their special day. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity for your business to be their number one choice!

This EXPO delivers a mutual benefit between the exhibitor, Quinceañeras, and the brides. You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to your targeted audience and develop an emotional connection with your potential clients.


Head over to their facebook page “D & D FIESTAS” for more information, or follow their instagram @ddfiestas


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