Greenville is home to several amazing startups and companies which have left their creative fingerprints on everything they’ve touched. One such company is “Greenville History Tours” which has taken a niche market and expanded over the last ten years. The owner and founder, John Nolan, hosted a press conference in honor of his company’s ten year anniversary on August 2nd, 2017.

Mr. Nolan gave a short presentation about his newest adventures within his company. For starters, new tours will be added to the pre-existing tours throughout Greenville. These will include “The Greenville Breakfast Tour”, “The International Coffee Discovery Class”, and “The Public Art and Architecture Tour.”

The breakfast tour will allow guests to enjoy unique food and drinks at Biscuit Head, LeGrand Bakery, and Famous Toastery!

The coffee class will let guests see the roasting process and sample various coffees from around the world. Guests will also be able to take home their own freshly roasted beans.

The art and architecture tour is a driving tour which will take individuals to the 71 public works of art which are scattered throughout Downtown Greenville. You will learn about the artists, insights into the meaning of each unique work of art, and much more!

John Nolan also announced the publication of his newest book, “Lost Restaurants of Greenville”, which will be released in 2018. This book will capture the nostalgia behind Greenville’s past in the restaurant business. It’ll range from place such as Boston Lunch and Ye Olde Fireplace, and it’ll capture tales of Bistro Europa and American Grocery.

Lastly, Mr. Nolan gave us insight into his latest venture: shuttle services! Guests will be able to enjoy the convenience of a shuttle service in a 15-passenger Ford Transit. They will be provided with a computer screen for their viewing of the historic Greenville photos.


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