A Colombian native, born in the country’s capital, Bogota, has always had a vision for creativity. At the age of 4 Valentina and her family packed bags and headed to the Big Apple. There she fell in love with the fashion, fast life, and beauty. After 5 years of being around the city lights, Valentina and her family packed bags once more and headed for a small town in Greenville, South Carolina. All throughout middle school and high school Valentina dreamed of working in the beauty industry whether it be fashion or makeup. She didn’t let a small town get in her way. Shortly after graduating high school, she was granted the opportunity of alifetime. The chance to work for a prestige makeup company. At the age of 18 right at the busiest time of all, prom time, she was introduced to the makeup/retail industry. She loved the fast pace of the job and also the ability to transform anyone into their beautiful selves. Her love for makeup started at a very young age. At the age of 3 her mom wasn’t very happy at the fact that her daughter was digging into her makeup bag and applying mascara like a pro. Since then she appreciated the beauty of makeup and the many things you could create. Makeup to her isn’t just about beauty but it’s about creativity, art and the power to be free. Being a makeup artist for 5 years now, her future goals are to teach others the art. She hopes to partner up with her close friend and also makeup artist to create a brand that not only teaches people how to create the perfect brow but also is a place for them to go for tips on beauty, fashion, and anything in between.

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