.When you are on a ship for 4 to 5 days it’s just amazing the amount of relaxation that you feel and you have no cares in the world! Getting a room with a balcony is really worth it. You can read in the morning and just have a really good time watching the sunset and sunrise and just taking in all the scenery. The food is delicious and always available there’s a lot of food stations with an array of options to eat.  The Carnival liberty has a Dive in theater, basketball court, mini golf, hot tubs and volleyball court. There’s also comedy shows and other shows that are going on throughout the day. Theres so many activities to do even if you don’t leave the ship but when you do leave the ship and you stop at Freeport Bahamas I highly recommend you rent a scooter so that you can get to know the island. When you stop at the Bahamas at Nassau you really want to visit Atlantis and try to get some water park tickets.   Theres a lot of excursions: party boat, dolphin experience, beach for the day. If you haven’t gone on a cruise yet the Carnival Cruise is the way to go it’s inexpensive and also remember that you can elect to pay your tips by cash instead of having them charge your card. Many people aren’t aware of that option. You are also allowed to take soft drinks that are sealed cans but you are no longer able to take bottled water.
Overall incredible experience and highly recommended.


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