By Arianna Grevious

Imagine being able to take a natural moment of beauty or happiness, hold it in your hands, and share that moment with others. By photographing moments of genuine joy for her clients, Merideth Garrigan, is able to make this fantasy a reality. Using her talents, she has built a career and business based on the foundational value of family, relationships, and art. As the owner of A Spot in Time Photography, Merideth is able to capture some of the most meaningful and memorable times in the lives of others.

The importance of photography has been ingrained in Merideth’s life since she was a girl carrying around a camera and looking at photos along the walls of her Grandparent’s home. Her life long interest in film did not become a clear career path until the birth of her daughter, Finney, during her first year at the Creative Circus Portfolio School. As her daughter became the main subject of her art, Merideth decided that she would use her skills to bring the gift of photography to others looking to hold onto beautiful, but fleeting, moments.

Through A Spot in Time, Merideth takes photos for her clients during significant events in their lives including weddings, family reunions, and family portraits. “I recognize what a privilege it is to be apart of something so meaningful and intimate,” she said when asked about being a wedding photographer. Using this privilege, her aim is to not only capture certain poses desired by her clients, but also the significant moments in between that are often overlooked. This goal allows her to take pictures of her client’s natural reactions, which can be as genuine as a child playing or a family laughing together.

Even though she has a deep love for southern culture, Merideth intends to travel further than Charleston, S.C.  By travelling she will be able to use her photography to bring awareness to more socially conscious issues and capture an even wider range of experiences. As a photographer, Merideth remains professional, personable, and has a natural talent for putting others at ease. She feels the most rewarding part of her career is the happiness and hope her photos will represent for her clients whenever they encounter difficulty in life. She continues to inspire feelings of joy and hope by producing the best possible photos.

In order to learn more about Merideth Garrigan and her services, visit for contact information and to view her gallery of work.


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