by Matthew Zeddler

The piece is entitled “Abstract #43.”
Abstract #43 (20x30) Gouache & Oil Pastel

This work was created using Gouache & Oil Pastel, and then constructed on a 20×30″ canvas.

I’m up to about 12 works over the past 4-5 months now that fall within my growing non-calculated abstract expressive works series. As mentioned in prior newsletters when discussing these efforts, this particularly free style of creation allows me to put aside the need for prior calculation. These “Pure Art” pieces allow me to tap into a more raw and even primordial creative nature, which gives way to it’s purely expressive nature..

“The Abstract Expressive Art Movement,” the New Art Form of the 1940’s:

“Raw or Pure Abstraction” as I term it, or “Abstract Expressive Art” as it’s better known, had it’s birth right here in U.S. in the late 1940’s. This postwar U.S. art movement was developed out of New York City, and became amazingly popular for several decades to follow. In a postwar times art-world, the general public and art patrons alike were well ready for a break from emotional constraints of academic or structured art. For easily the next two decades, came a plethora of amazing new and “painterly free” works derived from the soul. Desperate to remove the pure academic training in art, and with it all of those preconceived notions (i.e. intellectual controls), the abstract expressionist movement was born. This art is all about the creator at his (or her) core. The mind, the heart, the spirit…this center is what drives the work. At it’s best, that is all that drives it too, – and nothing else.

Some of founding fathers of this movement are names you may be familiar with; Jackson Pollack, Barnett Newman, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Clyfford Still, Robert Motherwell, & Mark Tobey, and the list goes on..

I have loved and admired these “Free” style works and the painters that created them for a lifetime. I feel as well that my newest pure abstract series works hit home on the mission that was created for this art genre.

These works depict beautifully blended and wildly powerful expressive colors (and color movement), as did the works of my predecessors. They equally reveal intriguing intellectual curiosity through various levels of complex abstract imagery. The lasting take away from these paintings is one that is vibrant, bold, rich…and invigorating to all of the senses.

Among the seven (7) ongoing series of works I have running currently, I will be keeping a steady pace in the creation of these “Pure Abstractions.” I am highly pleased in both the work results and as well the feeling I derive in creating each one.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s discussion on “Abstract #43.”

Now through March 31, 2017 at MZFA gallery, the main show emphasis is on this style of “Pure Expressive Art.”

If you would like to see more of these new works on-line, please go to and then go to the Raw Abstraction Expressive page.

If you have questions on this or other pieces from my sites, – please reach out.

Carpe Diem,

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