Desigual has returned for a show at NYFW presenting its FW 17 collection, which has been given the name EXTRAORDINARY.

Concept of the collection:

Desigual continues its path of creative evolution presenting FW17. A collection inspired by the women who were protagonists of the subcultures of the 60s, 70s and 80s and which the brand is reinterpreting with its eyes set on the 21st century. Scenes like the allnighters and the most combative underground of the West Coast in the 60s, early 80s voguing, Californian punk and Spanish new wave. Scenes that Desigual modernizes with the lighthearted and creative codes that characterize the brand.

Show attendants

Desigual has counted on many friends of the brand that have attended the NYFW show. Among the audience members we could see emblematic faces of the fashion world like Elisa Sendaoui, Anna Cleveland, Berta Vázquez, Julia Cumming, Miranda Makaroff, Erika Boldrin, Linda Tol, Melli Vanelli, Nina Suess, Nina Urgell, Jessica Goicoechea, Lisa Hahnbück, Melli Vanelli, Magdalena Ilic, Lena Lademann, Amandine Hach, Nicole Polizzi “Snooki”, Prince Royce, Eric West, Emeraude Toubia, Calia Quinn, Sophie Simmons, Kayla Brianna, Clare Foley and Xenia Ghalil.

Pieces of the season

Tartan, flowers, knits, sporty inspiration, animal print and the color red are the fashion trends of this season for Desigual. A collection in which the mixture of styles, pieces and materials, that are seemingly dissonant, are the method by which personal looks are defined and where collage is the path towards innovation in unexpected and surprising mixtures. A svelte and comfortable silhouette make for long lengths, in very long coats, outerwear and dresses; and short lengths in mini skirts and small dresses. A carefully selected season, rich in details, in which down, perfecto jackets, bomber, tartan pants, enveloping cardigans and knit sweaters are the star pieces.


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