D&D EXPO 2018 Flyer

Join us at the
Quinceañeras & Bridal EXPO 2018
And Promote Your Business!
Date: February 18th, 2018 | Time: 2pm to 7pm | Location: Shrine Club
About the Quinceañeras & Bridal Expo 2018:

  • Face-to-face marketing, branding, and sampling opportunities with 300+ attendees
  • Interact with young Latinas and Brides in the early planning stages of their special day
  • 30+ exhibitors per event
  • Great Exposure!! Each Expo is advertised extensively in print, internet, and direct mail campaigns.
  • We’ll bring the brides to you!
  • Solid return on investment!
  • Between one and three bookings made during the Expo can reimburse your for your booth fee which makes additional bookings more valuable
  • Exceptional business-to-business networking opportunities at each show which leads to lucrative referral business
  • Latino Families are ready to buy!
  • This growing consumer group is loyal and ready to have you join their special day.
  • Don’t miss this incredible opportunity for your business to be their number one choice!
  • “Bridal & Quinceañeras Expo” delivers a mutual benefit between the exhibitor, Quinceañeras, and the brides.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to your targeted audience and develop an emotional connection with your potential clients.

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