Looking for healthy alternatives to snack on during the Super Bowl 2018? Let us help!

Waterloo Sparkling Water

Swap the sugary soda for Waterloo Sparkling Water, a zero-calorie refreshing beverage offering true-to-fruit flavor & aroma by delivering a much richer, more authentic taste than any other sparkling water on the market! Waterloo Sparkling Water is effervescent and tasty, offering a bigger, brighter bubble, packed in a traditional 12-ounce can, and sold in 12-can fridge pack cases. With bold, colorful packaging that is easily recognizable, Waterloo is available in 7 mouthwatering flavors including Original, Black Cherry, Watermelon, Coconut, Lemon, Lime & Grapefruit. Waterloo is currently available in all U.S. Whole Foods Market locations and coming to additional national retailers soon. $5.99/12-pack. https://www.drinkwaterloo.com/ #doyouwaterloo

Red Duck Foods Ketchup & Condiments

Seeking healthier condiments to serve at your Super Bowl bash? Red Duck Foods produces high-quality, USDA-certified organic condiments. Presenting unique twists on familiar favorites, the company makes ketchups, barbecue sauces, cocktail sauce, and will be debuting a line of taco sauces soon. Whether you are grilling chicken, wings, burgers, or hot dogs, Red Duck Foods offers delicious organic condiments to top or marinade your dishes! Approximately $6. Learn more at http://www.redduckfoods.com/.

The NEW Traditional Spread from The Amazing Chickpea

Switch out the fat-laden dips and spreads for the new Traditional spread from The Amazing Chickpea! Full of flavor and packed with nutritional benefits, the Traditional spread contains only 5 ingredients! Free from 8 major allergens, The Amazing Chickpea easily spreads on bread, vegetables, crackers, pita or finger sandwich creation… whatever kicks off the Super Bowl in a healthy way!

The Amazing Chickpea Traditional Chickpea Butter Spread is available in a 12oz. or 16oz. jar, as well as in convenient single-serve cups which are ideal for noshing on easily! With only 170 calories and 5g of protein per serving – it makes an excellent protein-rich snack that is guilt-free! Rich & tasty, The Amazing Chickpea is available in 3 additional delightful flavors, including Creamy, Crunchy and Choc’ A Chic. Serve the Choc’ A Chic with cut up fruit for a fun, nutritious dessert option! https://www.theamazingchickpea.com/

Sufferfest Beer Company

Are gluten sensitivities keeping you or your guests away from beer? As an athlete, Caitlin Landesberg, 33, always enjoyed drinking a beer with her friends after a long run. When she discovered she had an autoimmune deficiency and needed to cut gluten from her diet, she began a quest to find the best gluten-free beer. Not satisfied with the options she tried, she took beer-making classes, learned to appreciate beer even more for its health benefits, and found a way to create beer she loved. In 2016, she launched Sufferfest Beer Company, a woman-owned Certified B Corp that now sells award-winning, gluten-removed craft beers and has become a pioneer in the functional beer category. Craft beers include Epic Pilsner, Shakeout Blonde, and Taper IPA. $2.99 per 16-oz. can. Visit http://www.sufferfestbeer.com

Junkless Chewy Granola Bars

Instead of serving brownies, cookies, candy bars, and other sugary foods, put out Junkless Chewy Granola Bars at your Super Bowl gathering! The bars are family-friendly, better-for-you snacks that are minimally processed, contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and are Non-GMO Project Verified. Produced by small startup Simply Eight LLC, all are made with less than eight ingredients. No junk, and they taste good! Delicious and nutritious, the four flavors include Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, 100% REAL Strawberries and Cinnamon Roll. Junkless Chewy Granola Bars are available nationally on Amazon and in select grocery stores around the country. Learn more at junklessfoods.com. 


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