Starting at the age of 6, Kylie Odetta has been  lighting a fire within the underground music scene. With music that is powerful, dreamy, and full of passion she uses the piano & raspy vocals to draw you in. By incorporating elements of studio magic yet keeping the instruments organic, her music will take you on a mellow but all-inspiring journey. Kylie has been called an old soul and penned over 200 songs. Her southern roots make for a unique twist in her vocal character as she emits an iconic sound that is refreshing, original, and emotional. You might call her an indie artist but with hints of jazz, soul, and pop influences.

Kylie has become a seasoned performer as she carries the big stage solo having had the opportunity to open for music artists Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait, Mat Kearney, Austin Mahone and Kelly Pickler as well as hundreds of her own shows. Kylie is on a mission to share her music with others and truly connect with people through the lyrics. She notes that people and everyday life and the emotions that we all feel inspire her. “My goal is to create art that moves people deep inside their souls, bring love to light, & enhances the beauty and power of emotion.” -Kylie Odetta

Future Goals: “I would like to have a sustainable career as a musician, preferably as a performing artist. I love music, and I love people. I want to connect with people through my music and hopefully provide hope or encouragement or love to someone who feels like nobody else can relate. I feel called by God to do this and I just want to fulfill that calling. I would love to sell out a 1000+ seat venue or more one day. I just want to keep growing in my life and in my career and make incredible memories and relationships through music along the way. I hope to share my music with the world and connect with people through my lyrics.” -Kylie


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