What do you end up with when you mix a fashion show with the American Cancer Society? You get passion, boldness, and strength in the form of survivors!

“Couture for a Cause” chose eighteen models and eighteen designers who were paired with one another. Each model had a unique story behind their lovely smiles: they were all cancer survivors. The designers were given the unique task of outfitting their models in a recycled outfit of their choosing. All the fashions were constructed with recyclable/repurposed material. The audience saw dresses made from toilet paper, orange pylon, used denim, paper flowers, old books, and fishing nets.

The designers included Yelena Crosston, Stefanne Cherico, Jenny Hall, Angela Keyes, Krissy King, and many others! Those who modeled the designs were Rosalind Smith Cross, Phaedra Flowers, Vivian Loveless, Janice Wilson Boyles, and several more women.

The evening was filled with laughter, happy tears, and applause as the models showed off their recycled outfits with smiles. Brittany Chryst, Bill Mitchell, Ashley Bickerstaff, and Edmond Newton served as the judges to determine the top three outfits and then, ultimately, the winner of the 2017 “Couture for a Cause” Fashion Show.

In addition to the fashion show, guests were able to mingle, enjoy drinks, snack on hors d’oeuvres, and were able to bid on several name brand items including purses, shoes, and jewelry. All of the bids went towards research for the American Cancer Society.

The night ended with standing ovations for each woman in the audience as well as the models who were affected in some way by cancer. To see so many people standing, crying, and hugging one another was truly a remarkable experience. Sponsors for this event included Bon Secours, TOWN Magazine, Kscott Creative, Lashbar, Brad and Brooke Barlow, and several others. Supporting sponsors included Biscuit Head, Perfect Pitch, Paper Airplanes, Liquid Catering, and more.



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