Before Venturing Out to the Beach/Pool/Picnic, Check Out

These Helpful Tips from the Hair Experts at Hotheads


Toronto, Canada – June 2017 – We spend a small fortune on our hair, but did you know a few days in the sun can create a downhill spiral with all the sun, salt and sand?  The experts at Hotheads, the premier hairbrush line developed by stylists with over 50 years of experience of addressing a variety of haircare needs, share their tips on how to help your hair survive summer.


  1. Look for UV inhibitors in all of your leave-in hair products. Apply to damp or dry hair. These are the most effective at preventing damage;


  1. Wear a hat – especially when you’re anticipating a full day of outdoor activities where shade will be scarce;


  1. If you’re planning on swimming in a pool remember to dampen hair before taking a dip – even if you are wearing a bathing cap – as this will help prevent any chemicals in the pool from absorbing into the hair. When showering after the pool, if there is no time to shampoo with a shampoo that removes chlorine or other minerals, rinse hair well. This will at least remove some of the surface chlorine or other minerals deposited on the hair;


  1. In your beach bag you should carry your sunscreen, but also the Mini G – Hotheads’  palm-sized, compact hairbrush. It’s the perfect little brush to distribute your leave-in products before heading out into the sun.  Great for detangling after a swim, the Mini G also helps remove sand debris from the scalp and hair.  Finishing your day at the beach using the Mini G will reduce frizz and help create the perfect ponytail.


For more helpful tips, visit  Hotheads’ Mini G has a suggested retail price of $19.50 and is available at select retailers and salons nationwide or by visiting,  Also available in a larger size (the Grooming Large Paddle Plus; SRP: $26.50).


About Us:

Hotheads is a division of Canadian-based True Cool Technology Enterprises, a technology driven brand, whose innovative haircare products are a combination of hybrid designs for speed, performance and superior hair quality.  The complete product line includes the Paddle Plus Collection, the Enforcer Collection and the Speed Brush Collection, among others.



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