” Andrez continues to discover his purpose and experience the exciting life of a photographer by offering a variety of services.”

By Arianna Grevious

There is something about the atmosphere of a concert, the subtle madness of people brought to life by music, that Andrez Cervantes sought to capture during his first time photographing a large event.  It was at a concert, during the start of his career, where he realized that professional photography was no longer a pastime or escape, but a lifestyle.

Through his business, Cervantes and Photo, Andrez continues to discover his purpose and experience the exciting life of a photographer by offering a variety of services. The opportunity that followed his passion for pictures have allowed him to work at many creative events and venues such as gala reveals, galleries, grand openings, nightclubs, as well as commercial and product photo shoots. However, he specializes in three categories: marriage, lifestyle, and people. He loves working with people the most because he never knows exactly what to expect. “Each situation, each solution is different. It forces me to think differently when it comes to capturing someone’s dynamic,” he explained when asked about working with clients.

Cervantes’ personal style of photography is marked by his use of lively colors and his ability to photograph interesting facets of life that go unnoticed. “[Photography] is exposing what might be overlooked,” he stated, “For me its about capturing something in the most absolute and honest way… in that moment it’s free.” This desire to reflect life in his photos has led Andrez to journey wherever necessary to pursue his art. He believes that some of life’s truest moments happen on the road and has ventured over a thousand miles for a photo shoot and the chance try something new.

Andrez recognizes that it is his determination, ethics, and ability to listen that have allowed him to find success in a field he loves. He hopes that one day Cervantes and Photo will become Cervantes and Studio, so he will have a professional space as an option to offer clients, to showcase his art, and to grow his business. For more information about Andrez Cervantes or his work in photography visit acervantesphoto.com.


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