by Martina Allen

Daniel Ulbricht’s passion for movement and rhythm came at an early age when his sister’s dance instructor invited him to partake in a ballet class. Shortly, after this moment, Daniel realized that his peace of mind generated from the classic art of ballet. Daniel’s hobby soon became his career and made him the dance enthusiast, mentor, and influential creative director that he is today. Daniel, a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, is a man who has differentiated his style of dancing to more than just a show, but an experience. He creates each move to spark a fire in each member of the audience. Daniel and his troupe from the New York City ballet, are traveling to cities across the nation to showcase a wonderland of imagination, with the premiere of the Christmas classic ballet, the Nutcracker. The classic Tchaikovsky production will highlight Clara’s exploration to the Land of Sweets; According to the Carolina Ballet Theatre website, the play will also have Clara romanticize the story in popular Greenville areas, making the story more close to home and personal for all ages to enjoy. Daniel said that, similar to his other roles in productions such as Fancy Free and Prodigal Son. He wants to be able to serve as an ambassador of inspiration, especially for those outside of the New York area who do not have the opportunity to experience the art form. Daniel has been a beacon of light to the dance industry taking on major projects such as Dance Against Cancer with the American Cancer Society and serving as Artistic Advisor with the Manhattan Youth Ballet.  on December 22 and December 23rd. For more information regarding the upcoming production The Nutcracker: Once Upon a Time in Greenville, visit”


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