Fashionable Halloween Costume for 2016

This years most trending Halloween costumes are worn by three celebrities that give you insight on three different looks to better fit your wants.

Rihanna went with a heroic character named Raphael from “Ninja Turtle” covering herself in all green body spray with a red mask.

Kim Kardashian has a strapless body suite tight to her body, with long pearls down her neck, as well as splitting her hair down the middle leaving her hair loose and wavy. Her fashionable costume consists of being a “Mermaid”.

Gwenn Steffani dressed has “Cinderella” went more with a long beautiful blue dress and white gloves to match. Having her hair up with a tiara showing her reign.

Gives you some  insight on some perfect Halloween Costumes to wear for the year of 2016, remembering it’s right around the corner!



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